Welcome to Montara, California
37.54222 latitude,-122.515 longitude
37 32 31 N, 122 30 54 W

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waves boiling on the rocks
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Montara Beach, Dec 25, 2004
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Check out Coastsider: News, community, real estate, and reviews for Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach and Montara.

Surf Videos
Powerline Productions, some of the biggest, gnarliest surf footage available. Locally produced.

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looking to Devil's Slide
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Pelicans flying along the wave
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Pacifica Peace, Sep 21, 2007
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August 1, 2003 marked the date that the community took ownership of the local water system. Montara Water & Sanitary District operates the water system for the people of Montara Moss Beach. In November 2001, our community gave a big thumbs-up (81%) to a $19M bond to buy and rehabilitate the system.

Devil's Slide Rock

Even kids help restore murres to Devil's Slide Rock.

Pictures of the tunnel bridges

Ever wondered what the tunnel at Devil's Slide might look like? See the models and the overhead photo Caltrans brought by for the community's inspection and comment.

Get the background and news on what you voted for. Since it's an old site rarely maintained by unpaid volunteers, be sure to check Coastsider.com, The Gate, the Half Moon Bay Review, the San Mateo County Times, and the San Jose Mercury News for breaking news.

Will we ever achieve home rule?

More about Montara and the coastside:

"Asking typical 'developers/contractors/realtors' to limit growth and development to what can be sustained indefinitely is like asking guppies to stop eating their young or dung beetles to stop rolling balls of their foul bounty."
-- Carl May, coastside commentator

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