The tunnel study is underway (as of May 1, 1996). Woodward-Clyde, a world leader in tunnel design and construction, will perform the study.

Funded by $2.6 million tax dollars, the study is being jointly administered by Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration. Not only will the study determine the feasibility of building a tunnel, both government agencies have kicked in an additional $1M each to turn the study into a feasibility/design study, resulting in engineering plans and drawings.

The results of the study are due just days before the November election.

Intermediate results of the study will probably be made available through public forums. We will do our best to provide every available detail here online.

At the last minute, after the contract had been awarded but before work began, Caltrans and FHWA added $1M each to bring the total to $2.6M. We have no documentation yet as to why or how this decision was made, but it came as quite a surprise to seasoned project watchers.

A little bit of history

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Supervisor claims CalTrans trying to rig tunnel study.

FHWA memos suggest narrow tunnel is adequate.

Pacifica council wants tunnel study before November vote.

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FHWA says bigger tunnel is needed than environmentalists claim

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Federal Highway Administration gives preliminary OK to tunnel study scope.

Board of Supervisors unanimous in demand for independent study of tunnel.

CalTrans to do tunnel study in-house unless Board of Supervisors tells them to seek independent help.

Feds: Study tunnel option