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The following notice appeared in the March 22 Half Moon Bay Review:

Copies of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplemental Environmental Impact Report has been prepared to address only the results of the noise study. You may review a copy of the docuemnt at the following locations during normal business hours immediately.

  1. Half Moon Bay Library
  2. Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce
  3. City of Half Moon Bay, City Hall
  4. Pacifica Public Library
  5. Pacifica Chamber of Commerce
  6. City of Pacifica, City Hall
  7. San Mateo County Planning Dept, 590 Hamilton Street, Redwood City
  8. San Mateo County Transportation Authority, 1250 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos, CA
  9. Caltrans Public Information Center, 111 Grand Avenue, Room G400, Oakland, CA 94612

Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held to give you an opportunity to express your view and discuss the results of the study.

Tuesday, March 28
7:30 PM
Half Moon Bay High School

Wednesday, March 29
7:30 PM
Terra Nova High School, Pacifica

Comments, oral and written, received at the public hearing will be part of the public record. If you wish to make a comment on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, you may submit your comments to:
Caltrans District 4
Office of Environmental Planning - South
PO Box 23660
Oakland, CA 94623-0660

Written comments received by April 24, 1995 will also be considered in the public record.

For more information about this study or any transportation matter, call the Caltrans Public Information Center at 800-696-5408,

or write to Joe Browne, District Director, Dept. of Transportation, PO Box 23660, Oakland, CA 94623-0660

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