The Resurgence of the Real
by Charlene Spretnak

Excerpts from Reviews:

"Written with great fluency, carefully researched and richly annotated, this is a superb book. Challenging and engaging on every page, it is a book [for] everyone concerned with the fundamental problems of our time and interested in 'the big picture' -- the decline of an outdated paradigm and the emergence of the postmodern, ecological vision of reality that will be crucial for the survival of humanity in the 21st century."
  The Los Angeles Times Book Review (September 21, 1997)
"Spretnak's voice is both prophetic and richly intellectual. She challenges the mind, stirs the heart and shames the conscience.... [This is a] heartfelt, valiant effort to illuminate the darkness and mend the fractured Spirit."
  San Francisco Chronicle Book Review (August 3, 1997)
"Absolutely brilliant. ... a passionate book. ... The Resurgence of the Real [is] the work of a writer of exceptional intelligence and subtlety. ... [It] is stimulating, illuminating, and enobling."
  Resurgence, (UK) (May/June 1998)
"In her far-ranging, in-depth study of the structure of contemporary alienation, Spretnak joints the ranks of gifted writers qua intellectual social analysts like Lewis Mumford. Economics, politics, history, sociology, aesthetics, and psychology are brought to bear in support of her thesis.... In this vision, the author develops a schema of social criticism that moves from the modern through the deconstructionist postmodern and ecological postmodern era.... Although much of the material studied is dense, Spretnak keeps her treatment lively, accessible, and challenging."
  Publishers Weekly (pre-publication review)
"A remarkable book.... Spretnak intelligently blends scholarship, lyrical intuition, and passion.... The great gift of the book is Spretnak's postulation of 'ecological postmodernism.' But she does not present mere theory.... History and possibility, past and future are in dialogue with body, nature, and place.... Using her own theories, Spretnak enacts the possible. ..[with] language of deep feeling, great caring, and spiritual insight."
  New Age Journal (July/August 1997)
"A book to infuriate those who claim that the truth is not sensuous, that intimacy with nature must be coldly objective, and that spirituality is a frivolous bad habit of the human species. If a religious revival is soon to sweep the planet, then this is its embryonic testament."
  Whole Earth magazine (Summer 1997)