Initiative Measure to be Submitted Directly to the Voters

The County Counsel has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure:

(Ballot Title and Summary)


We, the undersigned, request that this initiative measure be enacted by the Board of Supervisors or submitted to the voters of San Mateo County in accordance with Section 3711 of the California Elections Code.

The people of the County of San Mateo ordain as follows:

Section 1. Purposes of This Measure

(1) Authorization of Tunnel: To provide for a safe, stable, and reliable tunnel behind Devil's Slide that expeditiously solves the problems of closure of State Highway Route 1.

(2) Prevention of Hazards: To protect highway users against dangers from landslides, rockfalls, cliff drop-offs, steep grades and coastal fog that often shrouds the higher elevations of the proposed Devil's Slide bypass.

(3) Protection of Quality of Life for Coastside Communities and Visitors: To protect residents, businesses, property owners and visitors to coastside communities and parklands from flooding, visual blight, noise, air pollution, and traffic congestion resulting from the proposed bypass.

(4) Preservation of the Environment: To preserve the streams, parks, watersheds, scenic beauty, endangered species, wildlife and other vital natural resources of the San Mateo Coastside. (5) Voter Control: To ensure voter control over critical decisions affecting State Highway Route 1 and the San Mateo Coast.

Section 2. Findings

(1) A tunnel is a safe and reliable solution. A tunnel would meet all applicable federal safety standards. Safety features would include ventilation, lighting, and appropriate signage or signaling systems. A tunnel would be safer during earthquakes than bridges and fills, which would be necessary along the proposed bypass.

(2) A tunnel is cost-effective. A tunnel could be built for less money than the proposed bypass. Earthwork would be reduced by as much as 95 percent, from six million to two hundred thousand cubic yards.

(3) A tunnel will protect the environment. A tunnel would have virtually no harmful effects upon the environment. It would be consistent with coastal laws. It would avoid the serious damage to the watersheds, wildlife habitats and parks of Montara and San Pedro Mountains that would be caused by a surface bypass.

(4) A tunnel is a timely solution. A tunnel can be constructed as quickly as the proposed surface bypass. It would meet transportation needs while protecting the environment.

Section 3. Route 1 Improvements

(1) Policy 2.50 b. of the San Mateo County Local Coastal Program is amended to read in its entirety:

2.50 b. On Route 1, limit Phase I improvements to: (1) slow vehicle lanes on uphill grades and the following operational and safety improvements within the existing alignment or lands immediately adjacent; elimination of sharp curves, lane widening, wider shoulders to allow passage for emergency vehicles and signals at major intersections, and (2) construction of a tunnel for motorized vehicles only behind Devil's Slide through San Pedro Mountain. The tunnel design shall be consistent with (a) Coastal Act limits restricting Route l to a two-lane scenic highway, and (b) minimum state and federal tunnel standards. A separate trail for pedestrians and bicycles shall be provided outside the tunnel as specified in Policy 2.56 a.

(2) Policy 2.54 b. of the Local Coastal Program is amended to read in its entirety:

2.54 b. For Route 1, allow construction of a tunnel behind Devil's Slide through San Pedro Mountain. The tunnel should be given high priority for Federal and State highway funds. Until a tunnel is completed, the State should maintain and repair the road on the existing alignment. No part of Route 1 used by motor vehicles shall be built on any alignment that bisects Montara State Beach, including the "McNee Ranch Acquisition" except along the current Route 1 alignment. Any alternative to the tunnel, except the repair and reconstruction of the existing road, shall require approval by a majority of the voters of San Mateo County.

(3) Policy 2.56 a. of the Local Coastal Program is amended to read in its entirety:

2.56 a. Require, if funds are available, that Caltrans provide adjacent or separate facilities for bicycle and pedestrian trails in accordance with the policies of the Recreation and Visitor Serving Facilities Component and the County Bikeways Plan. If a tunnel is constucted behind Devil's Slide, require as part of the project that Caltrans construct a bicycle and pedestrian trail outside the tunnel.

Section 4. Inconsistent County Plans and Ordinances

Except as approved by the voters of San Mateo County subsequent to the effective date of this ordinance, if any existing or subsequently enacted provision of the General Plan, the Local Coastal Program, an area or special plan or other ordinance or resolution of the County of San Mateo, is inconsistent with this ordinance, that provision is superseded and rendered ineffective by this ordinance to the extent, but only to the extent, that it is inconsistent.

Section 5. Submission to Coastal Commission and Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The Board of Supervisors shall submit in a timely and appropriate manner, with necessary supporting documents and information, any amendments made by this ordinance of the Local Coastal Program to the California Coastal Commission, and any amendment of the Regional Transportation Plan to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Section 6. Effective Date of Measure

This ordinance shall become effective as provided by statute except that if all the General Plan Amendments permitted by law during the year in which which this ordinance is enacted have been made, the ordinance shall become effective on January 1 of the following year.

Section 7. Amendment

This ordinance shall not be repealed or amended except by a majority of the voters of San Mateo County.

Section 8. Severability

If any provision or application of this ordinance is held by the courts to be invalid, the invalidation shall not affect the validity of any other provision or the application of any provision.

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