Where is Montara? Why, at 37.53N 122.50W, of course! Or more specifically.

The 1980 census found 1972 people living in Montara. By 1990, it had reached 2552 people living in 947 housing units. Our one and only zip code is 94037.

Here's an even better map of Montara, complete with streets!

Here's one with street names (34K).

Rather see a browsable photo of the area just to the south instead? Pillar Point will be at the upper left of the picture. Click there and zoom in a for a closeup spy photo!

Feeling particularly curious? How about a dumpster diving trip through the latest census data on Montara?

Living on the Pacific Coast, we're naturally pretty interested in coastal resources.

Finally, people outside of California seem to have a fascination with earthquakes, so have a look and see if we shook today. You can also see what USGS thinks about shaking risk here in our neighborhood.