Devil's Slide a site on Info Highway, too

The Times, Weekend, p. A2, July 1-2, 1995

MONTARA -- The battle over a new road to replace the Devil's Slide portion of Highway 1 has gone to the Information Superhighway.

Citizens for the Tunnel have established a web site on the Internet that Bob Gelman of Moss Beach, an Internet publisher, says "will offer a little bit of information about both sides" in the dispute over bypass vs. tunnel.

"It's one of the most depthy, best-organized sites on the Internet," Gelman said.

The computer address is:

Jay Combs of Half Moon Bay, leader of the Citizens for the Bypass, said his group is looking into the possibilities of computerized information, but needed someone to set it up. "So many of our people work, we haven't found anyone with time," he said.

While we're pleased with the coverage, here are a couple of comments we feel compelled to make:

- as you already know, the actual path here is

- We do strive to present all sides of this issue. If you see an area where you could contribute to fill a void, please drop us a note. All we ask is that submissions present either a factual point of view (preferably devoid of hyperbole), or a personal point of view. Please include permission to publish any submissions you send in.

- Was Jay Combs suggesting that we here at the Free Press don't have real jobs? :-)

-- Editor